Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jason and the Argonauts

What a film! great movie as I’m sure you all know, having undoubtedly watched it at least one of the hundred million times it has been shown on TV, I however was fortunate enough to find the DVD in the 4 for £20 sales in Blockbuster.
I was shocked and disgusted to discover that some miserable cretin had sold this classic movie to blockbuster for a nominal fee even thought I would ultimately benefit from it, then I remembered I was in Clacton-on-sea and quickly forgave them, for they obviously know not what they do.
Highly excited with my find, I handed over my money and left Clacton as quickly as possible, as any self-respecting law-abiding citizen should do. Once home and safe from the clutches of the evil chavs, I stored the film until the time was right, and what better time for a movie of this caliber than bank holiday weekend.
I’m pretty sure you have all seen this film so I won’t go on an on about it, but I would just like to say that I would have liked to see 2 things done differently. Now don’t get me wrong this is a great, great film but I feel there where 2 minor flaws, and they are;

1) When Hercules broke the rules and caused Talos to get pissed and start stomping around having a hissy fit, Jason had to save everyone, and all he said to Hercules was “you disobeyed me” Jason should have bitched slapped him hard in the chops then climbed up to the crows nest and landed a flying elbow right on Hercules head, just to let the Argonauts know who was running things. Instead he contacted Hera and used his last wish/aid/assistance to let the boys know what was happening, all because Hercules was a thieving little toe rag.

2) The Hydra wasn’t anywhere near hard enough, I know Jason was top boy by this stage but come on, where was the challenge? He didn’t even break a sweat!! I was hoping for some fire breathing and tail whipping action, no no no, it just tried to bite him, what was that about? Still, he defeated it and got the fleece. All a bit to easy for my liking, I would have liked to see Jason have to put in a bit more effort, but that’s just me.

So in summary Jason and the Argonauts is a great film, even taking in to consideration the 2 minor points I have mentioned above and if you haven't seen it I suggest you stop reading and run to your local video shop and get it now.


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