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Staring Tony Jaa

I must admit that I’ve been meaning to see this film for awhile. With reviews like the following who wouldn’t?

“Makes crouching tiger feel like a trip to the ballet” – Total Film

“Four stars” - Empire

“Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Lee all rolled into one!” – Total Film

“The most amazing stunts you’ll ever see” - Loaded

This film does indeed contain some of the best action sequences and fight scenes that you will find on film. (Or DVD in this case) Considering that all the stunts are performed by Tony Jaa himself without stunt doubles or with the aid of wire - work and CGI the action sequences are truly amazing. – Wachowski Brothers / Hollywood are you listening?

This film demonstrates the beautiful yet deadly Thai martial art of Muay Thai. (Thai Boxing) The slow mo replays left me thinking how does he do that? Surely it must be computer generated or wire-work!

The tuk tuk (three wheeled taxi moped) chase scene comes to mind as an example of how some of the action sequences borrow heavily from other films. When the roof of the tuk tuk is sliced off it screams Goldeneye to me. Having said that the whole chase scene reminds me of a ride I took in the early hours of the morning while on holiday in Bangkok last November, those of you who have been a passenger in a tuk tuk whilst taking a corner at high speed will know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank god I was drunk at the time!

I’m sad to say that although the action and fight scenes are amazing, that’s all there is to this film one fight scene after another. I know some of you might think “what’s wrong with that?” Well, I personally like an action film to have a good plot and story line as well as the fight scenes.

The story line barely exists in this film but some of this maybe lost in translation in the subtitles. (I refuse to watch an English dubbed foreign film)

I find it quite strange that out of all the reviews listed above I find myself agreeing with the one given by a lad’s magazine published here in England:

“The most amazing stunts you’ll ever see” - Loaded

For action I’ll give it 8 out of 10
For the film as a whole I’ll give it 6 out of 10

Verdict: It’s worth watching for the action alone.

I picked up this film for £6.99 at the Virgin Megastore on Tottenham Court Rd.
(Although I could have bought a “backup copy” in Bangkok for 80 Baht)

So what’s next? Well I thought I’d go old school and watch A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.

Later Peeps


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