Sunday, May 14, 2006


Over the past days I have tried my hardest to finish watching Save the green planet, so I can post the review I promised you all, also I watched mission impossible 3 and I have been trying to write a post on that, and even tonight, I watched hunted (didn’t hear it as I was working in the pub at the tine). But the film that sticks out the most is Grease, I have managed nearly 23 years of life without watching this film all the way through, only to be forced to watch it tonight. What can I say, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I like John Travolta, in Pulp fiction he is amazing, Face off, sheer class, but in this he cant act for toffee. This is possibly the worst acted movie I have watched in a long time and I watched attack of the killer tomatoes the other day (we love you George). This is a much loved movie and I cant see why, its crap, the songs are crap, the acting is crap, it’s just a steaming pile of excrement, why do women love it? Anyway I have had many drinks (I apologises for the spelling mistakes, if there are any) and I need to go to sleep before the memory of this shite movie makes me lose the will to live, if you haven't watched it by now, don't bother.


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