Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Made In Britain

I bought this DVD in the Virgin store a Freeport for £2, so I was pretty chuffed at my find as I have heard many people banging on about how good this film is. After I watched It felt like I had wasted my money.

This movie is about a 16-year-old skinhead named Trevor (Tim Roth) who is a naughty little shit that needs a good slap. The film is a few days in his miserable little life where he steals cars, sniffs glue, breaks windows and general makes a nuisance of himself.

You start out with Trevor being sent to an assessment center with his social worker Harry (Eric Richard - Sgt. Bob Cryer from The Bill) where he is left presumably to be assessed, with this knowledge the first thing he does is steal a car, sniff some glue and break the job center windows, clever boy. Trevor is obviously a lost cause, surely a normal person would assume that anybody sporting a swastika on their forehead has a few issues but Harry insists that he is intelligent so they all give him a second chance. So with this second chance and the money for the bus to the job center, he takes his black room mate (hold mate aren’t you a racist?) and buys glue and cigarettes, genius!! Now I know why they think he is so intelligent. Anyway to cut long and not that interesting story short he steals a van crashes in to a police car then runs off and confesses to his social worker, who in turn sends him back to the station he has just crashed in front of. Then you get 2 coppers give him a little run down of how things are going to be, give him a little dig and let him know he is going to be spending a large percentage of his time in prison, dropping the soap, nice.

This Film is older than me and originally made for television so as you can imagine the actual picture quality wasn’t really up to much, the acting wasn’t great either. I have read that Tim Roth was excellent blah blah blah, I don’t see it. All Alan Clarke (the director) did was say “Tim, I want you to imagine your a stroppy little shit wow is angry at the world, off you go” now Tim was 17 - 19 at the time (he was born in 1961 and film was released in 1982, its just an estimate), how hard could that be? I’m not impressed, not at all, I didn’t see anything big or clever and I thought the film was crap. Actually if it wasn’t for that fact I would have to go all the way back to the hole that is otherwise known as Freeport (which frankly is a punishment in itself), to get my money back, I would.

I would rate the movie but I really haven’t got anything nice to say so watch it at your own risk.


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