Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Omen

The Omen, I thought it was clever releasing it on 6.6.6 and I did really want to go on the day, but I didn’t, so it obviously wasn’t that clever. Anyway the film. It's another remake you should know but unlike Poseidon I haven’t seen the original recently, which is probably a good thing.
The acting; Julia Stiles was a bit of a winger really. Yeah your kid's the son of the devil but for Gods sake, deal with it, STOP YOUR BITCHIN!!! The guy (whose name I can’t remember or be bothered to look up) was a little to wooden for me but hey what do I know? (Loads that’s why you're here reading what I know, ha ha).
Anyway in summary the film was not very good. Not very good at all and again I would suggest you wait for the DVD.

Now before I go I just want you all to know that I went to see both these films on the same day, imagine my disappointment with not just one, but two substandard movies. I should have slapped the boy that sold me those tickets.

Robert Thorn: I never want to see or hear from you again.
Father Brennan: You'll see me in hell Mr. Thorn, We'll spend eternity together.


Before you get excited this is the first of 2 brief throw ups just to let you know I am still alive.
Poseidon is a remake. Is it a good remake?
Not really.

A good film it is own rights?
Again, not really.

If you haven’t seen the original you should be shot, and if you have you cannot help but compare and that’s not a good thing if you want to enjoy this film. The special effects are great but as well as know specials are no substitute for a plot. Wolfgang Petersen has managed to take a good story and make it a less than mediocre one.
If you haven’t seen it already and you trust my judgment (as you should because I am always right) then don’t waste your money, wait till it comes on Sky, come back here and agree with me. You know it makes sense.

“You don't just get the name Lucky Larry... you have to be LUCKY!”

Friday, June 02, 2006


Sean Boswell is an outsider who attempts to define himself as a hot-headed, underdog street racer. Although racing provides a temporary escape from an unhappy home and the superficial world around him, it has also made Sean unpopular with the local authorities.

To avoid jail time, Sean is sent to live with his gruff, estranged father, a career military-man stationed in Tokyo. Now officially a gaijin (outsider), Sean feels even more shut out in a land of foreign customs and codes of honor. But it doesn't take long for him to find some action when a fellow American buddy, Twinkie, introduces him to the underground world of drift racing.

Sean's simple drag racing gets replaced by a rubber-burning, automotive art form with an exhilarating balance of speeding and gliding through a heart-stopping course of hairpin turns and switchbacks. On his first time out drifting, Sean unknowingly takes on D.K., the "Drift King," a local champ with ties to the Japanese crime machine Yakuza. Sean's loss comes at a high price tag when he's forced to work off the debt under the thumb of ex-pat, Han.

Han soon welcomes Sean into this family of misfits and introduces him to the real principles of drifting. But when Sean falls for D.K.'s girlfriend, Neela, an explosive series of events is set into motion, climaxing with a high stakes face off.

My Comment: WHY?!?!?!?!? Watch Initial D, the original anime and not the Hong Kong live action version.

Here's the trailer: http://www.universalpicturescom/asx/fastandfurious3/fast_and_furious3_trlr1_700k_wmv.asx

Later Peeps.