Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Lost Boys

I'm going for a cult classic here; The Lost Boys. We've probably all seen it as teenager or kids, and don't remember much about it. I'd recently downloaded the Soundtrack which reminded me just how good this film is, so I decided to give it another play.

Instead of all the typical cliché vampire movies we have, of the vamps running around killing everybody, and some 'hero' showing up and killing them all, we're left with a much darker almost believeable movie.

A family move to Santa Carlo after their mother divorces their father. When they arrive to move in grandpa' they discover that they've moved into the murder capital of the world. Dozens of "missing" posters fill various boards around town, and the youngest of the family (played by Corey Haim) unearths rumours that Vampires lurk.

Michael (the eldest son) catches eyes on some hottie named 'Star' and is lured into the underworld by the ringleader, played excellently by Keifer Sutherland. He wants this babe so bad he'll do anything to get her, including drinking what he thinks is wine, but is actually David (Keifer)'s blood. Over the next few days he gradually becomes a vampire.

As I said, this isn't your typical vampire movie. This film really aims to just show that, whilst we all know it's a film, it could actually be quite plausible that vampires are roaming around - and that's really the best 'horror' impact here.

The special effects are actually very good for the time; the vampires look realistic, and the scene where Michael is hanging off a railway track and plummets through the clouds is pretty sweet.

This is a cult classic. We have the overly camp 80's gay clothes. The big mullet haircuts, and the soundtrack to match. If you like your vampire movies, this one's for you. 4.5/5


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